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King Cock Plus 6.5'' Thrusting Cock with Balls - Flesh 16.5 cm Thrusting Dong

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The King Cock Plus® Thrusting Cock With Balls is truly a triple threat that features 1 inch deep piston powered thrusting motion, internal warming up to body temperature in minutes, and powerful stimulating vibrations for the ultimate experience. Thrusting pleasure is designed to be naturally responsive, massaging your every movement—fast or slow. The simple press of a button activates the 7 unique functions of the vibrating motor, which is strategically located at the Thrusting Cock’s tip for pinpoint pleasure internally and externally. For optimal stimulation, dynamic vibration combined with responsive thrusting action and internal warming creates explosive orgasmic results every time! KEY PRODUCT FEATURES - 1 inch Thrusting Action: 7 Function piston powered thrusting action pushes the dildo up to 25 mm deep, pushing to all of those hard to reach places. - Internal Warming Mode: The King Cock Plus Thrusting Cock has a warming feature which brings the Fanta Flesh exterior up to body temperature in a matter of minutes. - Stimulating Vibration: With a touch of a button you can activate the Thrusting Cock’s 7 modes of stimulation vibration. Thrusting, Warming, and Vibration can all be used independently or in conjunction with each-other for the ultimate experience. - Thrusting: Press and hold the Thrusting Button for 3 Seconds to begin the thrusting action. Press the Thrusting Button to cycle through the 7 thrusting functions. Press and hold again to turn off. - Warming: Press and hold the Warming Button for 3 Seconds to start the warming feature. Allow the unit a few minutes to warm to body temperature. Press and hold again to turn off. - Vibrating: Press and hold the Vibration Button for 3 Seconds to begin vibration. Press the Vibration Button to cycle through the 3 speeds and 4 modes of vibration. Press and hold again to turn off. - Care Instructions: Clean up is a snap after the fun with Refresh Toy Cleaner and warm water. Do not submerge the thrusting cock in water. If desired, use a water-based lubricant like Moist with this product.

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