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    Kokos Mini Nara-(m04-001-005)

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    NARA’s detailed description of nympha and fantastic internal structure will present visual excitement as well as the best stimulation. This product will blow mind as the lustful nympha are visible when you see its insertion hole. 1. The interior is made of embossing stimulus nubs and screw rotation nubs to offer realistic feeling, thereby increasing satisfaction. 2. The bottom part is coupled with G-spot and thick vaginal membrane and creases offer even moe thrilling exprience. 3. During your thrusting, the sensitive curves of nubs will hold your penis flexibly, maximizing stimulation and lead you to a peak of sexual excitement. Size: 5 cm x 7 cm x 16 cm

    Kokos Mini Nara-(m04-001-005)
    Kokos Mini Nara-(m04-001-005)

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