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Evolved Pink Bondage Tape - 20 metre length

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Tie up your lover with jet pink glossy PVC tape that feels incredibly erotic as it wraps around and holds on tight. Strap hands together or to the bedpost, wind it around your partner’s body in all the right places – even use it as a blindfold! Your imagination is the limit with this visually striking tape that has no sticky adhesive to leave residue or pull your hair. It only holds tight to itself, creating a truly fun & hassle-free bondage experience. - Self-adhesive bondage tape - Made from PVC Vinyl - Shiny, smooth look & feel - Hot pink striking colour - Perfect for tying up your lover - Can be used as a gag or blindfold - Won’t leave residue or pull hair - 5 cm width - 20 metre length

SKU: EN-BD-8294-2

UPC: 844477018294