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Bathmate Clean - Misting Toy Cleaner - 100 ml Bottle

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Ensure your sex toys are as clean as a whistle. Bathmate's Misting toy cleaner is an alcohol-free spray that is designed for use on all sex toys and is safe to use on latex and silicone for a thorough hygienic clean. It's easy to use, simply spray the full surface of your toy using the ergonomic pump, wipe with a clean cloth then rinse under running water. Then either leave to air dry or wipe. Bathmate's Misting toy cleaner has a mild lemon scent that is pleasant, but not overpowering. - This gentle formula makes an ideal cleaning product for cleansing your favourite sex toys made of latex, silicone and rubber. - Use this spray on your sex toys to ensure a perfect clean and utmost levels of hygiene. - User-friendly spray bottle makes application a doddle. - Free from parabens.