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    Beppy Soft+Comfort Wet, 4 Count

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    Beppy Comfort sponges are specially designed and cordless. Beppys are invisible and unnoticeable comfort sponges. Moreover, Beppy are safe and hygienic and last up to 8 hours. Beppy Wet is easy to remove, because of the clever loop. Beppy Wet contains no oil and is safe for use.

    For the good things in life, like sauna, sports, swimming going out and all other things you happen to fancy, Beppy is for you.

    Beppy is for single use only. Beppy is NOT a contraceptive. 

    Special Features:

    • Cordless
    • Invisible and unnoticeable
    • Safe
    • Hygienic
    • Long lasting
    • Easy to remove
    • No oils, condom safe
    • Single use only
    • NOT a contraceptive

    Beppy Soft+Comfort Wet, 4 Count
    Beppy Soft+Comfort Wet, 4 Count

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