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    Temptasia Clit & Nipple Twist Suckers-(bl-39991)

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    Temptasia Clit & Nipple Twist Suckers bring engorgement and heightened sensitivity to your most sensitive areas. Each pocket-sized suction cylinder in this triple set is fully adjustable. Place the cylinder over your clit or nipple, then twist the top to adjust. The more you twist, the more suction and sensitivity you create. Lube the opening of the cylinder for increased suction and comfort. Use one, two, or all three at the same time! Made of body safe acrylic, Temptasia Suckers are easy to use and easy to clean. - TRIPLE THE PLEASURE - Set of 3 Suction Cylinders to Stimulate Nipples and Clitoris - SENSATION - Each Crystal-Clear Cylinder Delivers Engorgement & Heightens Sensation - EXPLORE - Fully Adjustable Cylinders Allow You to Play with Different Levels of Pressure - PEACE OF MIND - Made of Body Safe Acrylic. Contains No Fragrances, Phthalates, Paraffins, or Latex - SIZE - 0.8 Inch Inner Diameter for Each Cylinder

    Temptasia Clit & Nipple Twist Suckers-(bl-39991)
    Temptasia Clit & Nipple Twist Suckers-(bl-39991)

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