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Sex Stool Multifunction Sex Seat Position Enhancer Chair Stool

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Affordable sex chair with pillow for your partners head or your favourite sex toy.
Multiple applications only limited by your imagination, easy to assemble, great fun to use!

Benefits of using a sex stool

  • Extra support during sex
  • Longer sex with less effort (especially in woman-on-top positions)
  • Reducing weight on the knees and hips in on-top positions
  • Extra positions


  • The seat is flexible and easy to clean.
  • Closer and deeper experience for solo or couples play.
  • New positions and enjoy moves you never thought were possible.
  • Be creative, explore new techniques, and do it all with greater ease!
  • Holds up to 150kg and is constructed with a heavy duty tubular metal frame.
  • Best of all, it is discreet enough to pass as a normal chair or stool in your bedroom.
  • The opening in the seat's center allows you to get closer and go deeper than ever before, for maximum penetration and maximum pleasure!
  • Take the strain off your thighs and enjoy weightless, bounce up and down with ease.

Chair Size: 39cm x 43cm x 50cm
Pillow Size: 22cm x 38cm (hole diameter=5cm )
Max capacity: 150Kg
Material: Steel, Rubber, Nylon, PVC

SKU: DL13050715