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Valentino's Kissable Body Paint Rich Chocolate Fudge - 185 g Bottle

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Create an erotic masterpiece with this delicious Kissable Body Paint. For the ultimate ecstasy go no further than chocolate and sex they make the perfect blend for your pampering bliss!
Combine flavour and fun with Valentinos Sexy Rich Fudge Chocolate Body Paint.
Valentinos is an especially scrumptious and wonderfully sleek chocolate body paint made of fresh dairy cream, vanilla, cocoa and exquisitely fine Belgian chocolate that is enhanced with a deliciously extra lush and delicious rich fudge flavour. Sturdy 185 gram screw cap jar comes with gentle brush applicator. Dip brush into your Chocolate Body Paint then spread it as artistically and generously as you desire. Delicious and fabulously smooth for the most serious and discriminating chocolate lovers. Chocolate and Sex combine for ideal pleasurable enjoyment. Valentinos Sexy Rich Fudge Chocolate Body Paint will provide the best!

  •     Smooth spreadable
  •     Heatable to make runny
  •     Use with or without Brush
  •     185 g Bottle - Includes Brush
  •     Great fun product 
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